Event Marketing

Need event advertisement? You're in the right place.

Designing and executing engaging, remarkable events are AIM’s core capabilities.

Whatever sparks your consumer’s passion can be turned into a highly interactive, deeply immersive live brand experience. For 15 years, AIM has proven expertise in event advertising with programs ranging from national, integrated experiential solutions to highly local street-team deployments.

An award-winning event marketing leader, AIM provides everything from event production to guerrilla marketing, publicity stuts to street teams, brand ambassadors to national mobile vehicle tours, and parking lot promotions, grand opening, in-store events, product demos and sampling, sponsorship promotions, sports marketing events and trade show activation—and for both consumer and business-to-business segments. AIM knows how to create event solutions that not only engage and connect with consumers, but also have the ability to amplify the brand experience leveraging digital and social media. Clients are continually wowed by AIM’s speed to market and our record of maximizing their overall investment—which allows them to do more with less.

Social Media Marketing

Today, the brand experience must live beyond live events and in-person interactions. Your consumers are online and, more than ever, the brand conversation has to connect on-the-go. With strategic consulting, campaign management and more, AIM’s Social Media Management Solutions put brands right in the middle of the action.

Since 2008, AIM has been committed to leading the industry forward by investing in digital and social media marketing technology solutions. Today, our expertise continues to grow—and we continue to make new investments in maximizing the value of existing technologies and developing new, cutting-edge tools that engage customers and consumers, and help our clients grow their business. Today, AIM offers innovative proprietary products like the Fangate Media platform, which provides clients with social media engagement for fangates, double fangates, rich media polls, quizzes, contests and sweepstakes.

And our groundbreaking Social Fiestas™ Facebook application and marketing platform dramatically enhances brands’ ability to identify and engage their most passionate fans on Facebook, amplify those consumers’ online brand experience, and convert loyal consumers to brand advocates and ambassadors.

Mobile Marketing

Thanks to mobile devices, today’s consumers are constantly connected but always untethered. Which means that forging connections with today’s consumer offers bold new opportunities—and a raft of challenges that brands couldn’t have conceived of a decade ago.

AIM has created innovative text-messaging promotions that enable consumers to opt-in for special offers and brand communications, and real-time sweepstakes and contests that combine traditional and live marketing with mobile technology to create engaging, on-the-go experiences. In addition to SMS and MMS platforms, AIM can design, create and deploy mobile applications, giving brands a full suite of options for extending the experience on tablets and smartphones. You name the device, AIM can put you there—with content that amplifies your campaign and brand objectives.

AIM’s newest innovation in Mobile Marketing is our Mobile Video Network application, which gives your consumer access to streaming video and audio-on-demand content, as well as real-time text communications. Check out the iTunes mobile app we created for Otheos.

Shopper Marketing


In the end, driving bottom-line results means solidifying customers’ purchase intent at retail, when they’re ready to buy.

AIM’s shopper marketing expertise dates back to our roots as strategic promotion marketing specialists. As the discipline has grown, we’ve continued to build our ability to enhance shoppers’ experience at the point of sale, to turn shoppers into buyers. By drawing on our deep experience and constantly evolving data-based insights—not only about customers, but also about vendors and retailers—we design custom-tailored, integrated, account-specific solutions.

In an increasingly competitive environment, AIM’s experts bring the brand experience to life at retail by understanding shoppers’ mindset and deploying strategies and tools that impact purchase intent, from permanent and semi-permanent merchandising solutions and interactive displays to experiential activations, retailtainment events, pop-up stores and mobile vehicle tours, and parking lot promotions to in-store product demos.

Hispanic Marketing


When it comes to winning share of mind in any customer segment, speaking the language is about more than just speaking the language.

Successfully engaging Hispanic audiences requires more than just translating messages and activation into Español, and AIM has been developing engaging brand experiences for the Hispanic market since our founding in 1997. When it comes to Hispanic marketing, we know how to build experiences that respect the culture and engage Hispanic consumers on their terms. Running through each campaign is an innate understanding of the nuances of the Hispanic market, which—at 50 million, but growing quickly in numbers and purchasing power—has become a vital target for brand marketers. In fact, recent studies have suggested that Hispanic consumers are even more receptive to experiential marketing than any other group of consumers.

Consulting & Analytics

Marketing Consulting that Works

Sure, building effective, persuasive and authentic brand experiences calls for exceptional creativity. But the underpinning of everything AIM does for our clients is distinctly left-brain, with knowledge-based insights about your brand, your competitors, the marketplace and your consumers and shoppers. Whether we’re developing a go-to-market strategy, an integrated marketing plan or evaluating a sponsorship, every engagement begins and ends with research and analytics that ensure your campaigns deliver breakthrough results and maximize your brand’s investment.

With decades of collective experience and state-of-the-art technology, AIM is a trusted marketing consulting partner for our clients. Our proprietary DASH software makes nearly every detail of your marketing from planning through execution and ROI available, online, in real time, to your brand’s key stakeholders—all designed to help our clients’ brand teams work smarter, more collaboratively and more efficiently.