"The people that lead the charge and motivate the team"

Annette Monagas


CEO & General Counsel

A founder and partner in the agency, Annette brings a very unique capability to AIM. As California State Bar Attorney, Annette has been deeply active in promotion marketing law since 1997. With AIM’s relationship with the Promotion Marketing Association’s Legal & Government Affairs Center of Excellence, Annette stays up-to-date on the latest trends in event marketing, sampling regulations, legal trends and risk management in field staffing, consumer promotions, sweepstakes and contests and has the knowledge and access to resources to navigate the ever-changing offline, online (digital and social) legal landscape.

Jeff Symon

Jeff Symon

President & Chief Creative Officer

Since the creation of AIM, Jeff has been at the helm of all of the strategic, creative and innovative solutions for clients such as Sony Electronics and PepsiCo to Johnson & Johnson and Reliant Energy. Jeff encourages his team to see the visible and AIM beyond everyday. Jeff regularly speaks about marketing trends and best practices at conferences throughout the country and is a committee member of the Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) and co-chair of the PMA’s Experiential Marketing Center of Excellence.

Scott Cone

SVP Marketing Strategy

Scott has over 25 years of media, agency and marketing experience having developed strategy and leading major accounts and account teams. Scott brings an unrivaled passion, is a student of new media & marketing channels, psychology (as it relates to how and why we buy) and a gifted idea generator. Scott’s experience has spanned media companies, energy, health care, packaged goods and consumer electronics. Scott frequently speaks on Content Creation strategies for Digital & Social Media and teaches corporate leadership teams best practices and uses for LinkedIn and other social connecting tools.