These 5 Brands Are Making A Splash Without TV Ads

In our continuing effort to provide you with innovative ideas that can help you amplify your brand experience, we thought we’d share this article from Business Insider that highlights five brands making a marketing impact without spending big bucks on traditional TV ads. Enjoy!”

Google To Revive Real-Time Search, Thanks to Google+ | Mashable, the top source for social and digital news

Yet another reason for marketers to keep a close eye on Google+. ¬† According to a report this morning in Mashable , real time search is returning very soon and it will be enhanced with data from Google+ as well as other social sources. Real time search was, until July, Google’s way of delivering social signals from Twitter, Facebook and other social sites and sharing in search results. When Twitter squeezed off Google’s access to the Twitter torrent, Google dropped real time search. ¬† Google+ is their attempt to make Google a social sharing powerhouse as well because we all know that social is impacting traffic to web sites. Watch for Google+ to introduce a search feature just for Google+ in the very near future.

Google+ Quick Start Guide

Google+ Quick Start Guide for Brands

Brand Talk e-newsletter

We’ve combed through the best advice on how to get up and running with Google+ and are sharing it here in our Brand Talk e-newsletter Google+ edition. ¬†Although business pages haven’t been launched yet and won’t be for a couple months, according to Google, now is a great time to start using Google+ for yourself. Let us know what you think.


10 Things CMOs Need To Know About Google+

Google+ icon

Chris Brogan writes a pithy piece on the 10 Things CMOs Need To Know About Google+ for Forbes. After using Google+ for a couple weeks, we think it will be game changing.

As Brogan and others point out, AOL seemed pretty cool at the time it first arrived. But it just got the email ball rolling. In the same way, Facebook will seem rather dated by the time everyone starts using Google+.

Already, the “by-invitation-only” service, which is still in beta and requires a Google account, has over 10 million users and over a billion pieces of content are shared with it every day. The open and flexible nature of the tool will lead to fast adoption and pervasive use, we think. And, the mobile interface is also very easy to use.

Google+ just may be the one ring to rule all the other social networks. Are you using Google+ yet? There’s often a first mover advantage in digital. Time to check it out.

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