The Digital Marketing Revolution Continues

Results from a recent Deloitte sponsored survey of CMO’s and senior level marketers portends great news for digital marketing practitioners and bad news for traditional “push” marketing types…within corporations and agencies alike.

Investing in digital demand generation and online relationship building ranks among the top initiatives being taken to maximize the impact and value of marketing in 2010, according to 46% of survey participants.

The digital revolution continues!

CMO COUNCIL :: Press Release.

Could Apple Actually Beat Google in Mobile Advertising?

It will be interesting to watch these details play out. The announcement tomorrow of iPhone 4.0 is slated) pun intended) to reveal what Apple has up it’s sleeve in terms of a mobile advertising platform. I’ve been saying for some time, the mobile marketing wars will boil down to these two platforms for the most part. And, remember in web 2.5b (or whatever the mobile internet ends up being called) the ascendancy� of the new guy cannot be overestimated. Microsoft had a huge share of worldwide browser use until search came along. One player, Google, dominates search. It’s not inconceivable that one player, Apple, could do the same in mobile.

Could Apple Actually Beat Google in Mobile Advertising?.

Apps Could Swallow All Computing and the Internet

Nice article in USAToday on the impact apps are having in our lives. Why are they taking off so quickly and becoming so pervasive? As the article points out, apps become the true bridge between the digital world and the real world, in a way nothing ever has. Time for marketers to wake up to what these little tools can really do to build enduring connections, communities and conversations with their consumers, customers, even their own employees.

It’s an app world, and it could swallow all computing –

Smart Phones Go Mass Market In 2010

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Rod Hall, this is the first year for true mass adoption of smart phones. Look for location, gaming and smart phones to merge in a unique kind of point of purchase marketing.


Location-Based, Mobile, Social Gaming

This is a trend to watch and think about. Combining location with social and gaming is a powerful mix. It’s easy for me to see how this could be adapted to a business to business game. Imaging a company connecting with their audience in a fun, engaging way like this. It takes your marketing out of the “push” model and turns it into a connection, content and a community, fostering a conversation. Exactly what the new marketing model should be built on.

MyTown Hits 1.5 Million Location-Based Gamers; Ups The Social With Version 3.0.

9 Killer Tips for Location-Based Marketing

There’s an old saying in real estate that’s about to become a new saying in marketing…location, location, location. We are watching the concepts of shopping, gaming/promotional offers and location mash together on mobile devices into a wonderful new way to motivate purchase behavior. The only question that remains is will marketers seize the opportunity, viewing themselves as owning this channel and developing engaging content or will they lease space on the channel and shove coupons at us on our smart phones?

9 Killer Tips for Location-Based Marketing.

Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy With My Blog and Building My Brand

Excellent article from the NYT on rise of the personal brand and the power of mommy…or grandma.

I was having a conversation the other night with a friend in marketing and shared this analogy for how the world has changed:

In the olden days when we all lived in villages, grandma would go to the local bakery and if the baker’s cookies were stale, she’d demand another one. If the baker refused, grandma would tell everyone in the village how much the baker’s cookies sucked. And that would be the end of the baker’s business.

With the rise of the mass triplets…mass production, mass media and mass retailing…grandma lost her power. The baker could overwhelm grandma’s complaints with his mass distribution, a massive customer base and of course, massive advertising. Not any more.

We’ve really returned to the days of the village, only now it’s a global village. Grandma now has her own mass media and if your cookies are stale, she’ll let everyone know how much you suck. Grandma’s post about how bad your cookies are is one blog post or video song parody on YouTube away from being viewed by millions and millions of people, who will then share it on their Facebook pages and their blogs, who will Twitter about it and pretty soon, you’ll be out of business if you make bad products or have bad service.  I think this is a good thing. No more using the power of mass to fool the sheeple.

Politicians are just now starting to wake up to this reality. Brands need to wake up to it as well…whether they’re product and service companies, media channels or retailers. Grandma is in change now and you don’t want to tick her off.

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Advertisers to Spend More on Digital than Print

This is big news. For the first time ever, marketers will spend more on digital marketing than newspaper and magazines. The decline of traditional media and interruption, ad-based marketing continues.

US advertisers to spend more on digital than print: study.

Happy 5th Birthday YouTube

Hard to believe that only five years ago, we could have created YouTube…had we known how big Web 2.0 content and social networks would be! YouTube is now the number 2 search destination on the internet. As the internet becomes more dominated by content and more and more mobile, it will be fascinating to watch this little tyke grow into a big, strapping internet stud.

The YouTube (R)evolution Turns 5 – PCWorld.

Cisco Sees Mobile Data Doubling Annually – Digits – WSJ

In case there’s any doubt about the growth of the mobile internet, according to Cisco, within five years 400 million consumers will access the internet ONLY through a mobile connection. This is a huge change…not only in the way the world accesses the internet but everything else…how we share, our social interactions and yes, our shopping and buying habits.

Marketers had better start now preparing for the mobile future. It promises many opportunities for those proactive enough to seize upon them now but much peril for those who ignore the obvious.

Digits – WSJ.