Our Story

A message from Jeff Symon, AIM’s President & Chief Creative Officer

Jeff Symon, owner of creative marketing company "The Aim Agency."
Most marketing agencies don’t bother talking about where they came from. Their histories are relegated to, well, history. But what AIM has become is a direct result of where we came from and what we’ve done. It’s not just that we’re proud of it. It’s that it influences everything we do every day.

I was lucky enough to attend an intimate meeting, no more than a dozen or so people, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. Eugene H. Kummel, Chair Emeritus at McCann Erickson Worldwide, was facilitating the meeting.

Mr. Kummel said one of the problems in the agency world was that people too often feel the need to wait until they “get it right” before presenting a creative marketing idea to a client, before moving forward with a project, before taking a product to market. He said, “In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t wait. We need to be close and “Just do it”. (Yes, he admitted he was borrowing the line from Nike.)

I was inspired. I took his words to heart. A few months later, in July 1997, we took a huge leap of faith, quit our jobs and founded AIM. We had no clients, no detailed business plan, no office space. But we did have a passion to Just Do It!

This “nothing is impossible approach” was reflected in the name of the company:

AIM stands for Alternative & Innovative Marketing. Fact is, those words are part of our DNA, part of our culture. They’re what drive us, what make us aim beyond ordinary, what make us stand out from average agencies.

Since Day One, we’ve focused on helping large, multinational corporations and brands find new growth opportunities through creative marketing. Our point of difference has been our ability to develop holistic solutions that help build brands through a truly integrated approach. We start every assignment by delving into our client’s real business issue before we determine the appropriate marketing solution. Since we are business focused and media agnostic, several times our “big idea” is very pragmatic – like the time we grew a client’s sales in Walmart by 23% through a merchandising solution.

Our first client, Dr. Pepper/7-UP, took a giant leap of faith when they hired us to bring products from Mexico to Hispanic consumers living in the United States. This was quickly followed by a project that helped Schering-Plough Healthcare grow its foot care business through targeted retail marketing and promotion efforts.

In the last 15 years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious brands and a wide-range of industry experience focusing on both consumer and business-to-business marketing including agriculture, automotive parts & accessories, beverages (non-alcoholic), consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, dot.com, electric utilities, energy foods and drinks, entertainment & sports, environmental (as in Green) and electric vehicles, fast food (QSR), financial services, gasoline, government & state agencies, healthcare (pharmaceuticals and OTC), insurance, religious organizations and telecom.

If you’re looking for someone who can brand a strategic and holistic approach, help you introduce new products or re-introduce old ones, create engaging brand experience, someone who will deliver unexpected, creative marketing solutions and unexpected results, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Just do it.

Jeff Symon